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Mislaid: A Novel

Mislaid: A Novel - Nell Zink

Mislaid was quite the ride. Not knowing the author's work, I am not sure that the book is, as some suggest, a satire on social commentary at all. The absurdities and contradictions of the social norm, do however, provide some entertainment. Is the author making a statement, or just providing a piece of literary entertainment? My thoughts oscillated back and forth between these two opinions, eventually leaning towards the latter. The adventure of Peggy is riddled with situations where her actions and solutions are anything but what most people would attempt. For this reason I could see where some readers could decide that it is satire.

The author is quite witty, but in some of the situations, maybe it was a little too much to be realistic. I found Peggy's intellect to be conflicting with her actions. Surely someone so intelligent could have come up with better solutions to her difficulties.

The ending left me feeling like something was lacking. It was tied up in a nice little bow, the tone perceived from the beginning of the book is all but non-existant in the story's resolution. It was as if the character's personalities changed somewhat so they could all be there for the wrap-up.