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Einstein's Beach House: Stories

Einstein's Beach House - Jacob Appel

What a superlative collection of short stories! I knew, before even completing the first story,that I had stumbled upon an extraordinary compilation of writings!

I took my time reading these delicious tales; I read only one after finishing each novel in my cache of books. I savored each and every one of Jacob Appel's short stories.

What skill this author has! In a mere 20 pages, he transports us into a new location, a different time, and introduces us to a set of wholly unique characters. In those 20 pages he is not afraid to touch on taboo issues, private thoughts, or gender roles. Each trenchant story is only snippet in time of someone elses story, but he deftly ends them at the precise point that leaves us satisified, yet considering what we have just read.

I will be looking for more short stories by Jacob Appel in the near future!!