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Suicide Game by Haidji

SG - Suicide Game - Haidji


When I first picked up the book to read, the cover seemed simple and bland, but after reading Suicide Game, I realized the cover was perfect.  On the back cover I read that the story was a metaphor…well, I can tell you I didn’t know if I was going to like it then.  That being said, this book is so much more than a metaphor, in fact if you don’t feel like doing the thinking while reading and let the metaphor slip over your head, this futuristic story will still captivate you. 


SG - Suicide Game is not just a metaphor, it is a complete work of art!  Just like an impressive painting, you can sit back and contemplate it and discover more with each view.  Haidji has put all forms of her artistry into this book and it is a masterpiece!

I received this book free from LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.