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A Brazen and Courageous Historical Mystery

Murder on the Last Frontier (A Charlotte Brody Mystery) - Cathy Pegau

I picked this book up started it on a Friday and finished it Saturday. I LOVED IT! Murder on the Last Frontier was everything a book should be! I am a stickler for historical facts; the movie, "The Notebook" just about killed me! I had my Google app at the ready and asked it every historical detail I questioned. The author was spot on with everything! I learned a bit too. I did not know rubber condoms began being manufactured in 1855; I love my useless factoids! She seamlessly incorporated historical facts, important agendas of the era, social taboos of the era, (and this era as well), the beginnings of a romance AND a mystery. Bravo!

The author pulled me into her world on the very first page and I felt as if I was actually in Charlotte’s world. I am glad I didn't read this book last winter, because I was immediately pulled in to its Alaskan setting and could feel the chills of the frigid weather as Charlotte did. Memories of walking through slushy puddles and cold water seeping in over the soles of my shoes also came to mind.

Cathy Pegau brazenly, and courageously brings controversial and important issues into her book. It is mind-boggling that we are going through the same things today, 100 years later! I will call her brave, because there are so few authors that will touch controversy, unless they know that they have a select audience already. I may have cheerfully commented out-loud a few times, especially when Charlotte threw back biblical facts to the "righteous".

I observed some readers comments that classified this novel as a cozy, but I find that it is NOT a cozy mystery, but a well thought out historical mystery, as it is not a neat little murder wrapped up.  It is a book that definitely goes in places no cozy has ever gone. Its main character is a feminist, believes in women’s rights and is highly interested in the suffragette movement beginning to take place.  If these are things that interest you, this is a book you must read!